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There's a new site you guys may not have heard about… Basically the "plot" of the site is that (mostly straight) parolees and other "delinquents" live in a halfway house managed by some gay guys and in order to get reports and stay out of jail they have to service the gay guys sexually. It's shot in Eastern Europe where this type of thing just might happen…

In this scene Brighton returns to the house late and rather fucked up after being out for the day on a day pass. He has two choices - get written up and possibly go back to jail, or let the manager do what he wants with him sexually. Having sex is preferable to going back to jail (where he'd probably get raped anyway), so he sucks the the manager's dick and lets the manager fuck his (supposedly) virgin ass raw.

I gotta say Brighton's got a big thick dick on him and it's nice and chubby while he's getting fucked, so clearly he likes gay sex.  And if you like daddies the top is pretty hot too. Nice hard cock, graying hair and a big belly, but not so big that he looks sloppy fat or anything.

If you like seeing hot young guys get worked over in inter-generational scenes with a hint of it all being rather non-consensual – then definitely head over Boys Halfway House and have a look. IMHO, it's a really hot concept. The site has a bit of a rough/amateur feel to it, but that just makes it seem more genuine…

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