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Well, maybe not your Christmas… Maybe having your ass filled with many gifts would be better ;) What if your boyfriend got you three really hot guys to have sex with for Christmas? That would be cool, right?

Well, I'm sure Owen Hawk is behind the camera on in this scene from Raw Fuck Club and he's watching his boyfriend Brandon Hawk get fucked by none other than Champ Robinson (the big black stud), Alejandro Wilde (the thin Latino) and a guy named Logan (the blond vers bottom sucking dick above and getting fucked in the pic below).

In the Hawk household this is just another day. I mean they have a constant stream of guys going through their place who fuck or get fucked by one or both of them. But for the rest of us, this would be a real treat!

So if your boyfriend set something like this up for you, which guy would you most look forward to getting fucked by? The big black stud? The thick dicked Latino kid or the slutty white guy who's probably been fucked by hundreds of guys? Hard choice eh? Good thing you get a variety of guys to choose from! Maybe when it's done you'll have a favorite.

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