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I was just going through scenes getting them ready for the writers who work for me when I stopped and figured I'd write this one myself 'cause I've got a bit of a crush on one of the guys in the scene - Kane Rider. Last weekend I had the pleasure of watching a porn video get shot where he bottomed for two black guys with HUGE dicks, but more on that when I get the promo materials for it. Still, there was something about Kane that was infectious. He was the first of the porn stars to strip naked. The video was being shot in a building that was under construction and neighbors could see in the windows. Kane had zero shame about his body. The producers kept having to remind him to stay away from the windows. And his body... It's BEAUTIFUL. Muscles in all the right places, beautifully proportioned, and he's got this nice thick dick. Then he started trying to suck his own dick for the fun of it... All in all he's this great guy who you can tell loves being a porn star.

So whether he's getting fucked and taking loads or topping, like he does in this video on Breed Me Raw, Kane Rider is just sexy. He's genuinely into sex and likes a really wide variety of guys. The day I saw him I looked like shit - I needed a haircut and I was sweating like a pig, but he seemed to like what I looked like. In fact I wonder if he's not into many white guys. After all he's fucking one (Zac Zaven) in this scene.

But my point in all of this is that Kane Rider is the real thing - a hot muscley pig who genuinely just loves to bareback. Genuine guys are what you find on - not some model who's only doing it for the paycheck...

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