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Ah, the power of a pretty boy… Brings even hunky men to their knees. Such is the case with Thor Cruz and Zack Hood in this scene from In the promo pack there are no fewer than 3 pictures of top hunk Zack Hood sucking his pretty little smooth boyfriend Thor Cruz, but only one pic of Thor sucking Zack's dick. There's another of Zack going out of his way to kiss Thor – and that's in a promo pack of just 8 images (which explains why I don't show very many in this post). The image is clearly one of a power bottom who's got a hot, hunky top wrapped around his little finger.

On this day of love, such devotion between boyfriends is what it's all about, right? That's Cupid striking deep with his arrow. But have no fear, even though they're head over heals for each other (or heals over head, as they case may be) it's not like they're demanding monogamy of each other. The Internet is full of evidence to the contrary. I just hope part of what Zack loves about Thor is that he comes home with loads in his ass from anonymous tops just so his hole will feel better for his boyfriend. That's true love – bareback style.

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Smooth bottom boy Thor Cruz getting fucked by beefy boyfriend Zack Hood
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