Piss pig Chad Brock drinking a warm load down
Chad spits a mouthful of piss all over
Justin showers Chad brock in his warm piss
Chad Brock pounds his bare cock into Hogan's ass

One of the (many) things I love about Raw & Rough is that there are guys a lot like me (OK, a bit hotter than me, but close enough) who are totally the center of attention. In most porn there's some 20-30 year old jock or twink who's the center of attention. But Raw & Rough puts the beefy daddies who are the center of attention - taking loads from groups of hot guys...

And yeah, even I have a bottom side to me. I love to get loads in my ass. Reaching down and feeling my hole all cummy with loads from random guys gets me hard. Thing is, I don't really like getting fucked (which admittedly makes taking loads difficult), and dildo play like they're doing in this scene is definitely a no-go for me. But seeing Hogan Wade in this scene, legs up taking loads from top after top... That's hot and I gotta admit I wish that were me taking all those loads. Hey, I might even put up with the fucking if I could get 4 or 5 loads from the likes of Kamrun, Matt Sizemore, and Chad Brock...

And as you can see - this scene is typical Dick Wadd - it's not just loads of cum they're after - they want loads of piss - preferably by the gallon. Piss is another thing that would be fun to get into - but you really need a good place to play otherwise things get smelly or difficult.

So if you wanna see some pretty incredible porn with hot, beefy daddies, head over to RawAndRough.com - you'll be glad you did!

A huge toy stretches Hogan Wade's hungry hole
Hogan's hairy ass dripping with cum
Parker fucks his load into Hogan's hairy ass
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Hogan offers his hole up for the group to use
Hogan;s ass dripping Matt Sizemore's load


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