Jason eats his load out of Dominik's well fucked hole
Jason and Dominik in jocks at the gymDomink and Jason in jocks at the gym
Jason fucks Dominik's open raw hole

Dominik Rider is one of those guys I'd love to fuck one of these days. I can's say I like his bleach blond hair, but otherwise he's sorta got that vibe I like in bottoms - short, great body, a smooth hole I could rim for days, and the best part is he's a slut who takes loads from just about anyone - that's a pretty big turn on for me.

In this scene on Bareback That Hole the top-du-jour is Jason Michell who's got a nice body but otherwise has a pretty average vibe to him. He's the type of slutty, horny guy you'd see trolling the halls at a bathhouse. In fact I'm guessing that's what's happening in this scene. I'd be surprised if this weren't the gym at a bathhouse. And there's slutty little Dominik bent over taking dick from some stranger hoping to get the load deep in his well-bred cumhole.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a real barebacker - that's pretty much it... You hunt for dick or hole and are pretty indiscriminate about who you have sex with. It's about getting bred or spreading your seed. The bareback community is a community built on huge web of guys who've exchanged loads. Each of us has fucked and/or been fucked by hundreds if not thousands of other guys.

If you want real bareback porn with real bareback pigs, you gotta check out BarebackThatHole.com the guys there are honest-to-god sluts - and I mean that as a big compliment :)

Domink gets his ass plowed at the gymDominik rides Jason's hard cockDominik's cum covered abs

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