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I'm not sure how Chaos Men manages to get so many hot guys who love to fuck raw, but frankly I don't really care - I just love seeing this huge parade of perfect jock bodies taking raw dick. Especially the versatile guys. There's just something about a guy who tops also getting bred. And when they're hot young jocks you know they can get into any hole they want no questions asked. Makes them perfect breeders...

This scene features Clay and Eli. Clay's the blond, Eli's the one with tattoos. Personally Eli is more my type - bad boy with a sweet fuck hole and a big breeder dick. Clay is a bit too vanilla looking for me (a hair cut would fix most of that though). I love the pics just above with Eli's legs in the air taking dick. That boy would be hot in a gangbang just like that - legs up taking load after load.

Needless to say if you want hot uninhibited bareback jocks then you wanna check out - it's the top site these days for hot bareback jocks.

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