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Some guys are just holes. They just want cock in their ass and they'll take just about any cock and load. A few of those are really hot - like Mason Garet in this scene from Raw Fuck Club. He's all man, but also all bottom...

Notice how in just about every picture Mason's bent over or otherwise taking cock? There's something about him that just looks like the perfect cumdump - his tats, his beefy muscle, his leather jock, or his uber-slutty guiche piercing. You can just tell he's been around the block many times before and probably taken thousands of loads - most from complete strangers.

Mason shows just how experienced he is as a bottom as he lets Logan (the white top) and Hot Rod (the black top) double fuck him. Getting his hole stretched and seeded is what he was made for and he knows his place... is what you should check out if you want to see some really hot masculine cum pigs in action. The biohazard that's part of their logo isn't just there 'cause it's "cool" - it means something... The guys on the site have earned it by giving and taking hundreds if not thousands of loads.

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