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Semen guzzler and load collector extraordinaire, Cameron Cruise, is paired up with mohawk-wearing Jason, in this seaman-on-seaman scene from BarebackMasters. Try saying that three times fast. You'll have a better chance of breeding Cam's insatiable fuckhole!

I'm thinking this is one of those scenes where it's more fun to pretend they're a couple of sailors since mohawks' in the Navy won't fly. High 'n tite, maybe, but no mohawks. And speaking of high & tight. Cam and Jason look like they're jazzed on each other, so they've got that "high" look like maybe they just took a hit of something. And after getting fucked by Jason's thick dick, not sure how tight Cam is either. But then again, Jason turns around and gives up his ass so Cam can introduce his night stick to Jason's hole. The gruff fucker winds up taking several inches of that stick before turning around and dropping some sailor jizz on Cam the way navy whores take … well, semen!

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