Muscle bear Max Blake ready for a deep messageBeefy inked muscle bear Max Blake
Hot inked masseuse working on Max's beefy back
Inked masseude working over Max's bare feet
Inked masseuse spreads Max's beefy ass cheeks
hairy beefy muscle but tongued deep

If you wondered why Cocksure Men sorta stopped doing bareback for a while there, well, there's a story behind it, and it ties into this scene from (Cocksure Men's sister site)...

The clothed "masseur" in this scene - the one giving hairy muscle bear Max Blake a massage - is named Jasun. A genuinely nice guy. Well, he started working for Jake Cruise early last year (?). He's the affiliate rep (the guy who coordinates the efforts of webmasters like me), but he also is a cameraman and involved somewhat in the production. Let's just say a few months after he started working for Jake Cruise the bareback scenes sorta dried up.

I quizzed him on it and he said a lot of the models just didn't want to do bareback any more. I'm sure that's true, but it made me wonder why, all of a sudden, they had a change of heart - and not just one or two - like all of them. He said they were working with bigger name porn stars who didn't want to reduce their marketability in the industry (since some studios won't work with people who do bareback porn). I'm sure that was also true.

BUT... Jasun made a casual comment to me that he personally prefers condom sex over bareback. He thinks it's hotter. Everyone is allowed to have their own preferences. Some people like the taste of shit... And hell, there was a day (many many years ago) when I liked condoms too - I liked how tight they were on my cock. But I realized his thinking condom sex was probably a fairly significant reason why bareback scenes all but disappeared at Cocksure Men... If the producer isn't really motivated to do bareback and the models are ambivalent, well then, condoms are going to get used.

He saw this post and told me really doesn't have much of an impact on whether guys use condoms or not. I believe him. I'm guessing Jake Cruise did a big wave of expansion, hired Jasun and also started hiring bigger name models - all to make Cocksure Men into a bigger, better site. Well, the bigger name porn stars were often under contract with studios that didn't allow them to shoot bareback porn. (Just wait for me to get onto that topic - when I get a chance to do my research I plan on making a bit of a stink about a very related issue)...

So I guess it's just be a coincidence that Jasun showed up right before guys started rubbering up. Even if he was the reason why the guys started wearing condoms, it's really hard to be mad at him - his motivation is nothing close to the "condom nazis" who are the real problems - he just genuinely like rubbers... Plus it's just hard to be mad at a guys who's that hot!

But bareback is coming back at both Cocksure and If you've noticed, Jake Cruise has continued to do mostly bareback scenes... Jasun confirmed my guess that Jake really isn't into condoms, which is why there was bareback on his sites in the first place. Let's hope Jake Cruise hires more models that share his love for barebacking!

Inked masseuse plays with Max's hard dick while bitting his nipple
Muscle bear Max Blake getting his throbbing dick serviced
Max blows his load with the help of the masseuse

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