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A couple of years ago the owner of Dick Wadd contacted me through a mutual friend - he was coming to NYC and the friend had told him about my place and he wanted to shoot in it. The place was under construction so it sorta fit Dick Wadd's aesthetic. I was a little worried though since the hardwood floors had just been installed and the stuff Dick Wadd shoots for RawAndRough.com involves a lot of piss. We thought about shooting in the cellar, but the concrete floors there weren't sealed. I really didn't want the piss to absorb into the concrete and the cellar smell like piss - so we picked another room and put down protection on the floors and hoped for the best.

I have to say that the guys Dick Wadd had show up were pretty incredible. IMHO, the best top in the business is Jim Ferro. He just embodies everything a top should be - and he was there. Then there was Jayson Park. Jayson and I go way back (in fact he's shooting in my house later today). Anyway, he's a great pig. I met Ian Jay for the first time and I gotta say I loved him - totally sweet and genuine guy. Randy Harden was there - great top, but I think I'm invisible to him or something. He's shot in my house at couple times now, but when he sat next to me in the waiting area at Callen-Lorde a few months ago there was no recognition he knew me. It's not like we chat a lot when he's at my place - he's here to to a job. Or maybe I'm not his type, or he's only into bottoms - who knows? Either way, he's hot and he fucks well, so who cares, right? Kasey Anthony was here as well. Also a sweet guy. We've kept in touch on Twitter. I hope to hookup with him one of these days. What I love about him is that he's got a professional, challenging job and just does porn for the fun of it. Alejandro Wilde and Zack Blunt were there as well, but I didn't interact with them much so not sure what they're like.

Oh, and then there was the big porn star bottom who arrived late and high as a kite. He was a total mess (to say the least). Dick Wadd split the day into a number of scenes and he's not in this particular scene - probably because he was passed out on the floor in the other room when this part was shot! Now when other producers ask if they can shoot at my place I specifically say if anyone arrives high, or gets high, I'll kick them out - and I don't care if it messes up the shoot. Actually I wouldn't care if it were a mellow high, but a bouncing-off-the-walls high isn't something I really want in my place.

Anyway, with some many hot guys, the shoot was pretty incredible - as you can see in this scene. Dick Wadd is a master of hard cocks and piss by the gallon. Head over to Raw & Rough to see everything that was shot that day - it's hot stuff! (When you search for the scenes on Raw & Rough look for "Manhattan Manhandlers".)

Kasy Anthony gets a warm piss load from Randy Harden
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Jim Ferro raw fucks Randy Harden's jocked ass