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If you’ve been keeping up with Lucas Entertainment videos you’ll recognize Tomas Brand right away, and for a good reason! Ever since he started performing for the site he has gathered an impressive amount of fans and you can tell why just by looking at his toned muscle body, his handsome features and, of course, his thick uncut cock! Looks aren’t everything, though, and Tomas has proven on multiple videos to be an amazing top who loves to take control and deliver a massive pounding to all his bottoms. This video is slightly different from what you’ve seen from him, but it sure has a pleasant surprise.

When I read the names of the actors in this scene I knew I was in for something good. For those who don’t know, Tomas Brand and handsome blond Logan Rogue are one happy married couple (noticed the rings?) and the chemistry between this two totally make this scene. The scene starts and you can see the hunger on this couple’s eyes as they kiss and stroke each others’ cocks through their underwear, they share a deep and passionate kiss as their cocks get harder each second in anticipation of what’s coming next.

Something that I loved about this scene is how we get front seats to their marital bed, and get to see a different side from Tomas as he does his best sucking his lover’s fat cock looking deep into his eyes, now that’s love! I thought that Tomas would completely dominate Logan as he normally does with other bottoms, and even though I expected them both to swap places somewhere along this scene I was not expecting him to give Logan the first turn! Logan doesn’t hold back and fucks Tomas’ ass long and hard, thrusting deeply into him. After Logan’s had his fun it’s Tomas’ turn to take control and pound his lover’s ass relentlessly to his heart’s content until Logan’s ass is dripping hot cum.

Ever wondered how is a porn star couple’s marital bed? gives you front seats! Be sure to check the entire video for one of the best scenes I’ve seen this year.

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