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If you're a bottom chances are there are times you just feel like getting FUCKED - you know what I'm talking about - you want your hole raped - you wanna walk funny when it's over - you want to be USED like a piece of meat - you want your sex to be a bit dangerous - you don't want to be in control - and you want to wonder what exactly got shot up your ass when it's all done. In other words, you just wanna be a slut. Well, the best sorta top in a case like that is an older, solid, poz top - someone who's got a bit of a sleazy edge to them. Think I'm wrong? Well, 2/3rds of you say you prefer poz loads and only 20% of you want loads that are definitely neg (you'll have to login to see that thread).

Leave it to Treasure Island's to "go there" have a video where a "healthy" looking jock (JD) gets his ass raped by 3 not-so-healthy looking poz tops (Lito, Calvin and BJ). The folks at Treasure Island know what you want - 'cause this is the sorta sex they have in their own sex lives. They understand the craving for being treated like a piece of meat by a group of "dirty" tops. And they understand the instinct of tops to really BREED hole. I mean the tops in the scene are so horny they start fucking each other when JD's ass is busy with other cock.

So whether you're still a bit timid and not living out your fantasy of being a total slut, or you are a total slut already and like seeing other sluts taking dick, check out the full video at TIMFuck - you'll like it ;)

UPDATE: There's been a little controversy about this blog post - Treasure Island put a blog post on their site sorta complaining about what I said about the models. Read about the controversy...

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