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If you were the coach of the high school basketball team you see above, what would you do to get the guys to really come together as a team? Well, the guys at answered that question, but they thought the question was "what would you do to get the guys to cum together as a team?" So for their team building exercise they figured if the guys swapped loads that would really consummate the relationships of the team members and build team spirit. And you gotta admit – if you had sex with your teammates on a regular basis you'd love sports too!

Honestly, that's not much of a basketball team. I can't see them winning many games unless they play against the cheerleaders – and even then they'd have to work for the win. So, IMHO, if you've got a bad team and there's not much fun on the court, you might as well make the locker room a fun place, and what better way to make it fun than to have an orgy! Who knows – maybe it'll become a regular thing like it did in that story over at Breeding Zone "Converting The Team"… ;)

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