Ripped Ray Dalton and Mason Garet shirtlessRay gets his hot muscle ass eaten
Mason offers his smooth fuckable ass to Ray's hungry mouth
Ray tongue fucks Mason's smooth hungry ass

There's an element of real, tangible danger in bareback porn. I mean some of us still remember people dying and their deaths started with someone fucking them bareback. The risk of bareback is still a turn on for a lot of guys – even if they protect themselves (or the guys they fuck) through medication. But the imagery of a poz guy fucking and possibly infecting a neg guy it still very powerful – even if today it's largely fantasy since most poz guys are on meds and a growing number of neg guys are taking PrEP.

Well, Ricky Raunch over at Bareback That Hole is clearly playing with that imagery in this scene where Ray Dalton fucks Mason Garet. Ray looks incredible - but he looks dangerous – like he'll literally give you the fuck your life. I'll be honest and say flat out that he "looks poz". He's got that ripped muscular build a lot of poz guys have. He's got the lines in his face that could be just genetic, but also sorta signify someone who's been dealing with HIV for a while. But even though he looks like he's poz, he looks powerful and hot. When you see a guy like him you just want to offer him your ass. You know you shouldn't, but you know you can't resist.

On the other hand Mason Garet looks like a hot "healthy" jock – smooth, muscly, and in some pics he almost looks innocent. Of course then you see his hole and realize it looks like it's seen a lot of use, and you think the whole mismatched types is probably just fantasy – but it's still hot. I mean I love the pic immediately below where it looks like a dirty poz top is raping some neg jock.  And it's equally hot to think how the bottom is so hungry for dick that he'll take whatever the top gives him – no matter what the risk.

While you may not admit it to your friends, the whole serodiscordant thing is pretty hot. If this scene turns you on there's tons more where it came from over at They've got some seriously hot poz fuckers over there ;)

Ray slides his raw cock in Mason's smooth hole
Ray pounds his bare cock into Mason's hungry holeRay burries his raw cock in Mason's hot ass
Mason ready for Ray's fat raw dick in his smooth bubble butt


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