Inked furry Tober BrandtTatted Mischeif in a black jockstrap
Tober spread's Mischief's beefy hairy ass
Tober works the head of Mischief's cock

The great thing about the bareback community is you don't have to be a pretty boy with a gym body to be seen as hot, sexy, and good fuck. Case and point is Tober Brandt & Mischief from Dudes Raw - they're anything but "pretty" - both of them are just regular hairy/stocky guys you'd see in any small town gay bar, but you just know, looking at them, that they'd be great in bed.

You can probably guess that Mischief is the one with Mischief tattooed across his body. He's been in a bunch of videos - you may have seen him before. Same goes for Tober Brandt.

You can tell just by looking that both of them love raw sex - that they probably live for it. It's probably also safe to assume they're both poz. The moral of the story is joining the club and getting deep into your love of bareback sex can be really rewarding. It doesn't matter what the guy looks like - chances are you'll have a lot of good sex if you just let go and enjoy yourself.

To see tons more regular/average guys who just love to fuck raw, check out - there aren't many pretty boys there - just good piggy barebackers.

Mischief fucked bareback by Tober Brandt
Tober Brant balls deep in Mischief's hot assMischief rides Tober's face
Mischief's beefy ass ready for Tober's raw dick

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