Milo and Elijah Peters admire Ennio's biceps
Ennio admires Elijah and Milo's bodies
Ennio makes out with one twin while the other sucks his cock

OK FUCK! Bel Ami, Twins, Raw, could be get any hotter, I think not! The Peters twins are smoking hot, I mean, just one of them would be a huge fucking orgasm, but the two together are above and beyond sexy. Incest is hot, let's face it, it's a dark dirty fantasy that (almost) no man can resist, Muscle boy Ennio Guardi is one lucky mother fucker, I would KILL to be in his shoes. All three of these guys have PERFECT bodies, they're gods among men, and did I mention the two are TWINS, god, my dick is leaking thinking about the two of them.

The scene starts off with Ennio feeling up the twins bodies, I mean, two perfect twinky bodies to put to use. That lucky bastard gets one twin sucking his dick while he makes out with the other, it's amazing to watch! Before long Ennio gets to work on one of their holes (I can't tell them apart, which makes it 100x times hotter, Milo or Elijah, WHO CARES?!?!), and the bro on bro oral action is amazing, an average blow job becomes a filthy piggy swirl of amazingness. Once Ennio is balls deep in the twins sweet fuck chute the chemistry is sizzling, A huge raw cock in the guys ass while his bro continues to suck him off, I cannot think of anything hotter.

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Milo Pters rides Ennio's raw dick
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