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For the briefest of moments, I was reminded of fucking in subway restrooms before the NYC police cracked down and shut practically all toilets across the board. Lev Dumak and Bill Lewis are just as trashy as many of us were back then. Nice to see things haven't changed that much in this scene from Bare Adventures. Trashy young twinks are still out there fucking in public restrooms!

Of  course, Lev and Bill are not in a subway toilet. But a public restroom would still smell just as pissy and cummy as any other. Bill (the cocksucker below with the blond highlights) is such a hot little cockwhore that I can't imagine anyone not wanting to skullfuck the little pig then boning him raw up against the cold tile or on the dirty, piss and cum-stained floor. The funny part is they call him 'straight' on the site. He does seem to be in pain when he gets fucked, but I think 'straight' is a bit of a stretch.

I have to admit that there's something hot about a blond cum hound. Bill looks good with a load of Lev's cum on his face but he'd look even better if that load had been pooling and forming a lake in the crevice of his just fucked hole. You should visit and watch the rest of this scene. You'll find Lev and Bill and a host of other hot, young twinks fucking raw and as piggy as we did when we were the twinks.

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