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If you've ever joined Tyler Reed's Breed Me Raw and thought some of the scenes were hot, but some weren't then you should check out Tyler's new site – RawJoxxx.com, which focuses just on beefy jocks.

There's a long (and sorta funny) story behind it, but the short version is Tyler met my best friend and heard me gushing about how well my friend's site sell. (My friend runs Raw Fuck Club, Raw & Rough, Black Breeders, rawTOP.tv, etc.) Tyler wanted in on the success and kept hounding my friend for over a year to run a site for him. My friend was a little worried because he thought some of the scenes on Breed Me Raw weren't as good as he'd like. But my friend finally gave in and did the site – Raw Joxxx.

So with Raw Joxxx you get everything you always liked from Tyler Reed, with my friend in the background holding Tyler's feet to the fire to make sure the types of guys and a quality of the action is top notch. In fact, unless Tyler loses some weight, he's not going to be in any of the future scenes on the site since he currently doesn't meet the site's "type". But a lot of the best scenes from Breed Me Raw are on the site and feature him back when he was a bit thinner.

And to be clear – Tyler will still be putting up new scenes on on Breed Me Raw on a regular basis, so if you like that site, stick with it.

Even though this is one of Tyler's newer scenes with him no the heavier side, I figured I'd feature it because I've always openly envied all the guys Tyler's been able to fuck under the guise of his site. As you can see he's fucking Draven Torres who is one of my current porn crushes. Draven's the friend of a friend here in NYC, but I haven't met him in person yet. Since I think he's hot, so I like to feature him.

The match up of Tyler at 6'4" / 265 lbs vs Draven at 5'5" / 150 lbs is pretty dramatic. I love how Tyler is pushing down on him as he fucks him in the pic below. Given Tyler's size that had to literally push the breath out of Draven. That's something I should try on the guys I fuck. ;)

If you like beefy jocks, definitely head over to Raw Joxxx and give it a try. You'll like it.

Draven Torres on his belly gettting pounded by Tyler Reed
Hot smooth Latino ass taking raw dick


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