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I'm not sure why, but well known porn star Danny Lopez has changed his name to Diego Catalan and he's back in a MAJOR way - getting fucked by just about everyone in the bareback porn business. Well, not quite, but it feels like it. There was a little discussion on my forum site about his changing his name. Someone said Diego Catalan was his bareback name and Danny Lopez was his condom porn name, but the thing is - he's done bareback porn under the name of Danny Lopez, so that doesn't quite compute.

Anyway, he's back in a big way and taking loads left and right. I'm guessing he "joined the club" a while back and now he's open about it. I gotta say he's quite the poz poster boy! (Caveat - I don't know for sure that he's poz - but he's sure taking loads like he is). I mean with all the raw dick he's getting what bottom wouldn't want his sex life? Given that he's "joined the club" it's totally appropriate that he's bottoming at RawFuckClub.com. Let's just say there's a reason their logo is a biohazard symbol ;)

Raw Fuck Club is owned by Dark Alley which is owned by Owen Hawk - the top in this scene. I gotta say he's got a cushy job... Gets to fuck all the hot bareback porn stars for "work" and any expenses related to it are tax deductible. Owen and his bf welcomed Mason Wyler to the poz fuck club after Mason got the bug,  and he's fucked Jarod Steel, and a bunch of other hotties.

So whether you want to fuck Danny/Diego or get fucked like him - you need to join the club... A good first step is joining Raw Fuck Club - you'll see lots of hot poz role models to emulate :) Then go out and fuck like the guys in the videos...

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