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I've got a thing for guys with little dicks. A lot of gay guys are total size queens, but tiny dicks are hot IMO... Thing is, it's hard to find guys with small dicks in porn 'cause so many producers think only big dicks are hot...

The hairy little dicked daddy in this scene from is Marc Angelo. I don't go for guys older than me, but I'd totally make an exception for Marc... I mean he's hot... Got a tight beefy body that's hairy in the right places and his small uncut dick seems like a nice mouthful...

The good thing about guys with small dicks is that they're almost always bottoms. The way Marc Angelo bends over and shows off his hairy ass makes me think he's no exception to the rule. His tramp stamp tattoo just reinforces his bottom boy status...

If you like older guys and haven't checked out you should take a look. They've got everything from hot 40ish bodybuilders to saggy grandpas to hunky businessmen. Some are really incredibly hot. I'm still trying to confirm whether they have bareback content or not. I do know the company is bareback friendly - some of their models have done bareback porn and they've had bareback porn stars working for them doing day-to-day office/business stuff.

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