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Treasure Island (via their site has a way of portraying sexual role models for the rest of us to follow. It's real sex and almost always shows a mix of guys - some "hot" others "average". But what you see in their videos is that "hot" is what you do and how piggy you are - not necessarily whether you have the biggest muscles or the leanest waist.

Brad McGuire, who we all know and love, is fucking a tattooed French muscle boy bottom ("Lucas") in this scene. The muscle boy looks like a great sub bottom - you can tell by the way he sucks dick (there's just a look in the eyes of a good bottom), and how he assumes a on-his-belly position to get fucked. He knows he's a fuckhole and it's clear his goal in life is to make big-dicked dom tops, like Brad McGuire, happy. He's kept his body in prime fuckable condition and gives up his hole easily - like a good slut. The boy knows his place (which is under a good top).

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Brad's uncut cock ready for more bare ass
Brad pounds his bare cock into Lucas' beefy ass
Brad McGuire pounds Lucas beefy ass

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